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TV evening programmes 📺 Can someone explain me this: I have to read a little text about TV And the evening programs on five channels like BBC BBC2 ITV ...I try to understand some parts, but I am not able bc of some vocabulary. Can someone explain it to me in other words what they are talking about? 1) Edgy drama starring Steven as John, the play-it-safe manager of cash-counting house, who finds himself caught in the middle of his worst nightmare:.... (what is n edgy drama starting person? what is a play-it-safe manager, what is a cash counting house?) 2)southport is the venue this week as another panel joins chair David for more topical debate (don't understand it at all :( what mean another panel joins chair David?) 3) Michael explores the fascinating history of Belfasts Victorian docks (what is a dock) and discovers Irish spade-making (what is spade-making) traditions.
20 авг. 2020 г., 10:09
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I love synonymy and slang language, haha! Edgy = controversial, taboo, rough Starring = showing an actor or actress in a tv show/film/play - Ex: "Titanic starred Leonardo DiCaprio." Play-it-safe person = somebody who doesn't like danger/adventure/trying new things Cash-counting house = a place where large amounts of money is counted 2.) I will simplify this sentence. "Southport is where they will meet. Another group of people will join the head-speaker/chairman for a relatable discussion." 3.) Dock = where boats park Spade = shovel Spade-making = making shovels
20 августа 2020 г.
Part two (I reached a word limit - sorry if this is too long.) The studio audience is invited to send in questions, and the host and the production team choose a few of these. Then they all discuss the questions. Usually, these are related to something that is in the news at that time. A spade is another word for a shovel. Spade-making means the manufacture of spades. make something up - to invent something
20 августа 2020 г.
This is difficult English. Newspaper headlines and subheadings and TV log lines like this are often hard even for native speakers. Typically, you need an understanding of other aspects of a news story to grasp headlines, which are frequently shortened to just a bare minimum of words to save space (for bigger text) and to attract attention. The headline writer does not want you to understand everything from the headline: the goal is to intrigue you to find out more. Similarly with TV programme descriptions like this: the goal is to catch your interest. Then current catch-phrases or jargon (like "edgy") can be attached to signal that this is something you might like. Translations into English ... "Edgy" - current buzzword meaning "fashionable", or perhaps "tense", or perhaps "using modern film technique". "Drama" - a play or film. "Starring" - this introduces the name of one of the main actors. "play-it-safe manager" - they made this up. A manager is a person in a business who has responsibility for others, or for some aspect of the business's activiites. or both. To "play it safe" is to avoid risky choices and do things as they are normally done - the opposite of "exciting", you might say. So a "play-it-safe manager" would be a conservative, boring person who looks after some aspect of a business- or government function, or a charity, but in this case a business. "Cash counting house" - I had no idea, and had to search. Really it means a bank vault, a place for storing gold and valuables. But the words don't tell you that. 2 This is for a long-running BBC show called Question Time. In each episode a host, or "chair", or "chairman", or "chairwoman" is joined by several guests - "a panel of guests". The host was often David Dimbleby, though more recently Fiona Bruce has taken over. The panel usually has people from all the main politcal parties and perhaps also a "celebrity" - someone famous for something - and perhaps a specialist in a particular topic.
20 августа 2020 г.
These things come after years of learning - it is really good that you are focusing on one place to get your media - you might be surprised to learn that as a British man, I understand about 95% of American reality shows, maybe a bit more. At an intermediate level it becomes a question of identity and which tribe you want to belong to, it is no longer possible to keep using materials from all over the English world. By looking only at English specific shows you will quickly understand more about our lesser known phrases like the ones you have described and will be able to learn more about our communities.
20 августа 2020 г.
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