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What does mean 点心?Dessert or sweets؟
Aug 21, 2020 4:58 AM
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Not sweets or candy. That will be 甜品. Dim Sum as it is accepted into the English language is a Cantonese "breakfast" fare filled with dumplings and other savory foods. In the old days, a hobby of older gentleman would congregate together at a teahouse just before daybreak so that they can compete with each other to see whose songbirds can sing better. They would sip their tea etc and spend the time there. Of course to the teahouse owner, it is not a good way of making money. So he started to introduce bitesize pieces of food to be served as well. In time, the custom of competing songbirds became passe but the food goes on. In the early days, dim sum will end before lunch but its popularity grew so much and making money in the process, it does not end until 2:30pm (at least in Los Angeles). Dim sum is also known as Yum Cha (drink tea). Here's a link for more details, complete with photos of the food to expect....
August 21, 2020
August 21, 2020
August 29, 2020
most of the time, sweets mean candies, like mints, chocolates, etc.
August 21, 2020
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