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Please help me I want to know the meaning of these sentences 1_멀미할 만큼 싫다 2_옷이 소화 되다 3_많은 사람이 소화되다 4_일이 소화되다 5_기술이 소화 되다
Aug 21, 2020 1:20 PM
Answers · 1
1_멀미할 만큼 싫다 = I hate it to the point of getting sick (멀미하다 = get seasick). The rest of the sentences have 소화되다, which is the passive form of 소화하다. 소화하다 means a few things: 1) to digest food, 2) to handle/move/process input (what is required or expected) successfully, 3) to take on something (performance, work, etc) skillfully. 소화하다's meaning can be vague, so note that these phrases depend on the context. Some of them sound not so natural (there are better and clearer ways to say them). 2_옷이 소화 되다 (1. an item of clothing iss used nicely, 2. merchandise of clothing is consumed/used/sold) 3_많은 사람이 소화되다 (a multitude of people are served at an event - not a common phrase) 4_일이 소화되다 (expected work iss successfully done - not a common phrase). 5_기술이 소화 되다 (technology is used properly/usefully).
August 23, 2020
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