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Can "so much" be a subject? "So much has happened to us so fast." I guess "So many things have happened to us so fast." can be a correct sentence, but in the movie a character says it. Is "So much" itself able to be a subject in the sentence or does it have another meaning in the sentence?
Aug 22, 2020 6:46 AM
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Yes, 'so much' can certainly be the subject of a sentence, and the sentence you've quoted is a common and natural example. Your understanding of it is correct: it means 'so many things have happened to us so fast'. In this context, 'so much' is better than 'so many things'. If you say 'things', it makes us think of a number of separate events. 'So much' is broader: it suggests the cumulative effect of these events, including less tangible experiences, such as emotions you have felt and changes that have occurred.
August 22, 2020
Yes, that is correct; both “much” and “many” can be used in that way as pronouns, and “so much” and “so many” can as well.
August 22, 2020
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