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Mari Kim
What is the difference between "I feel the need to do something" and "I feel like doing something"? 1) I feel the need to text all the time. 2) I feel like texting all the time. What's the difference between (1) and (2)?
2020年8月22日 06:49
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Thank you so much. Your explanation really helps a lot.
They are basically the same thing. If I was being pedantic I'd say that to feel the need is more of a compulsion. You 'have to' text all the time, or you can't stop doing it. Whereas to feel like texting all the time is a bit softer. You would like to do it, but it doesn't control you. I feel the need to breath all the time. I feel like eating cheese all the time. That is semantics though and they would both be read in the same way: I can't stop myself wanting to text people constantly.
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