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Give me a hand, could you? vs Give me a hand, will you? Why do you say "will you"? I know "could you" is more used than "will you," but still don't know why you use "will you." Can anybody tell me why? Thank you so much. :)
Aug 22, 2020 7:28 AM
Answers · 4
"Give me a hand, could you?" This sounds like Yoda speak in my opinion. I would say "Could you give me a hand?" instead. This phrase is more polite and resembles a request. "Give me a hand, will you?" is more of a command. When you say "will you" at the end, it's more of an insistence because it kind of has a slight bearing that the person you're talking to isn't helping you. "Will you give me a hand?" is about the same as "Could you give me a hand?", but might seem a tiny bit more commanding since "could you..." is a little polite. Though, I wouldn't really notice the difference either way.
August 22, 2020
It is a short way of expressing "Will you do this?" or "Will you help me?"
August 22, 2020
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