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HELP|Which word is the proper answer? Distributed ? Rewarded? Awarded? I got a single selection question as below, The gold medal was ___ to Ms. Barrette for her excellent performance in the drama A.distributed B.awarded C.rewarded In my opinion,I think the 'A' could be right, but the answer is 'B'. What I am wondering is the 'B' not the absolute correct answer to this question,am I right?If not, why? I know 'awarded' is more proper than the answer C 'rewarded', but can't be [distributed] right?
2020年8月22日 08:55
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B is the only correct answer. The gold medal was awarded to Ms Barrette. 'Distributed' is completely wrong. You seem to have misunderstood the meaning of this word. If you check your dictionary and look for examples of the word 'distribute', you'll see that it means share or circulate things among a group of many people. For example, you could distribute food, money or leaflets to the people of a town, where each person receives one thing or one share of a thing. You cannot 'distribute' one thing to one person - this makes no sense at all.
No, it is not distributed for the simple fact that this is an award and an award goes with its own verb that is "to award". You use distribute generally for common things, like "They distributed food, bottles, clothes". And it sounds better to say "They awarded trophies to the winners" Rather than they "Distributed trophies". I understand your confusion. Yes, it makes sense to say "They distributed trophies to the winners", but the word awarded just sounds more crisp. Hope this helps.
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