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How to use 랑 in a sentence Hello! I came across this sentence 저랑 제 동생이랑 닮았어요? I don't quite understand why both 저 and 동생 both have 랑.
Aug 22, 2020 12:42 PM
Answers · 2
When you put two things or two people in equal position, you can use 랑 for both. Grammatically it might not be the best way, but it is common in practice. Repeating key elements can often make the sentence sound more lively. 1. I resemble my younger brother = 저는 제 동생이랑 (or 동생과/동생을) 닮았어요. ("I" is the subject). 2. My brother and I resemble each other = 저랑 제 동생이랑 닮았어요 (the two subjects are equals).
August 23, 2020
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