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What does 독송하다 mean? Is it a common word?
22 de ago de 2020 19:09
Answers · 2
독송하다 = 1) to recite out loud, 2) to recite in order to memorize the text. It is not a very common word. The most common word for reciting text is 낭송하다 (e. 시 낭송 = poem recitation). 음송하다 is another less common word. 송 means 'to recite' in all these. The first character details the meaning: 독 = to read, 음 = to recite/sing out loud, 낭 = to recite in a clear, sonerant voice.
23 de Agosto de 2020
I'm not Korean but based on Naver it means "to recite (a text) out loud" or to "give a lecture" Hope it helps 🤗
22 de Agosto de 2020
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