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Mintu Sarker
He is taller than I Is it correct?
Aug 23, 2020 1:35 PM
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Yes, it is correct. The pronouns on both sides of the verb “to be” should be in the same case. That is the technical, traditional, and correct rule. But most English speakers (at least, American English speakers) now say “He is taller than me,” even though this is not the traditionally correct way to say it. If you say “He is taller than I,” many American English speakers will think that you made a mistake. Or they will think that you are trying to sound fancy. Curiously, if you add “am”. — “He is taller than I am” — then it sounds correct and natural to everyone.
August 23, 2020
Yes. It's very correct answer.
September 14, 2020
Hi, Mintu Sarker. The quick answer is both are correct, but not everyone agrees that both are correct, and that's the problem. Here's the issue: the word "than" can be classified as either a conjunction or a preposition, and that's the root of the debate. "Than" as a Conjunction When "than" is used as a conjunction, it looks like this: John is taller than I am. or John is taller than I. (This is just a more succinct version.) "Than" as a Preposition When "than" is used as a preposition, it looks like this: John is taller than me. Grammarians have been arguing for hundreds of years over whether "than" is a conjunction or a preposition. Here's the bottom line. It is perfectly acceptable to write: "than I" (This means the following are also acceptable: "than he," "than she," "than we," "than they.") or "than me" (This means the following are also acceptable: "than him," "than her," "than us," "than them.") You can read more about this here,and%20seems%20more%20grammatically%20correct. Source:
August 23, 2020
Mintu Sarker
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