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Is it possible for an object to be a subject at the same time? Examples of sentences which I think they are correct: -1I want you go home -2He wants me see you
Aug 23, 2020 5:24 PM
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Hi, Hizam. As everybody has already said, the correct sentences are "I want you to go home" and "He wants me to see you". These constructions are called "Accusative with infinitive". Emarbe is right. They consist in a direct object (which is, at the same time, the subject of the infinitive that follows) and the infinitive together with which they are the object complement of the predicate of the sentence. It is mandatory that the subject of the first verb should be distinct from the subject of the second verb. This construction is usually used after verbs expressing: 1) wish (desire, dislike, expect, like, prefer, want, wish) 2) permission (allow, let, permit) 3) command (command, order, recommend) 4) perception (feel, hear. notice, observe, perceive, see, smell, taste, watch) 5) mental activity (assume, believe, consider, declare, find, expect, guess, imagine, intend, judge, know, mean, suppose, suspect, think, understand) 6) declaration (acknowledge, declare, deny, pronounce, state) 7) other verbs, such as: bear, help, belong to, care for, count on, depend on, help, look for, look to, make, prove, rely on, report, send for, wait for Anyway, after the verbs "let", "make" and the verbs of perception the short infinitive is used (a). The "to infinitive" is used after these verbs only when they are in the passive voice (b). (a) Tom let you read his book when you were on the trip with him, didn't he? I heard her play the piano. He made her cry for pain. (b) You were let to read his book when you were on the trip with him. She was heard to play the piano. She was made to cry for pain. After the verb "help", either short or long infinitive can be used: My brother helped me (to) build a new house.
August 23, 2020
I'm a native speaker of English from the US. Alkhatib and emarbe are correct. Your sentences should be: 1. I want you to go home. 2. He wants me to see you.
August 23, 2020
I'd say that it functions like a subject, but it's an object pronoun. ' You' can also be an object . It belongs to object complements: me , you , him ... To make your sentences correct you need to use ' to': I want you to go home. He wants me to see you The verb ' want ' needs this preposition. I'm not a native speaker,. But this is correct this way , I honestly think. Anyway,, if a British or American person can say something else, good!! Hope it helps
August 23, 2020
I think you should add to after the first object: 1) I want you 'to' go home. 2) He wants me 'to' see you.
August 23, 2020
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