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What is different between these two phrase? 辍学&退学 What is different between these two phrase? 辍学&退学
24. Aug 2020 03:58
Answers · 6
辍学 means to discontinue one's study halfway. 退学 just means discontinuing.
24. August 2020
辍学 to be not able family has a bad situation. 退学 be stopped studying by school , as do something wrong or be not abidance by the rules of the school.
28. August 2020
Good to know that there's another subtle distinction! Thanks!
24. August 2020
As far as I remember from school, 退学 is mostly used when the school expels you, rather than you 辍学 drop out yourself
24. August 2020
"辍学"implies a student voluntarily withdraws from the course of study; in contrary, "退学" is used when a student was terminated or expelled by the institution.
24. August 2020
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