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Suggesting topics for a debate: how to put it . I need to write a formal email suggesting topics for a debate. Does the following make sense for the body of the email?: First, I would suggest a controversial theme such as : should drugs be legalized?. We might like to pose two sides of the argument. One team defending the motion and the second one opposing to it Secondly, I recommend a more popular topic in order to cool the atmosphere down. ' what to take to a desert island could make an optimum selection Thank you very much
2020年8月24日 17:32
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I think that you can exclude the section about posing two sides to the argument, because that is how debates work. It seems redundant. As Harry said the desert island sentence sounds a bit strange. Perhaps something like: - If you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be? - What is the best item to have on a desert island? The rest of it sounds fine, with a couple of points: - Normally you say "I would like to suggest". - You don't need a period after a question mark (?.) - You don't need a space after a colon.
You need to capitalize and punctuate correctly. “Such as” weakens it and makes it sound less real. Are you proposing any controversial topic, or that one? It’s also unclear whether you are saying that the team concept is something you are also proposing, but only for the first topic. Also, a proposition is a statement not a question. e.g. Proposition: Drugs should be legalized. Also, the subjects are a little vague for debating purposes, but that might be ok depending on the context.
all very good but the phrase "optimum selection" is a bit unnatural. There would be no issue of understanding, but you may want to change it to something like "excellent choice" or "great option"
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