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pls help to correct my grammar and make it more native Hi As you know our customer is now introducing its X vehicle known as A in FJ. Which requests a premium quality. They have repeatedly stated the observation in vertical is not then that good. And strongly push us to change. The quality of our products in FJ are pretty good(shown in attached), and we made clear that following product standard may not achieve a good look. Because quality is a figure that can be attributed in part to many factors while observation mostly depend on X & Y value. But we know our CC‘s vertical X value is not good which may lead bad look in vertical observation; given CC’s sagging and pinhole resistance, attempts to increase CC filmbuild ended in sagging and bubble on the edge of vehicle. So we designed a scenario by adding A and B. So we can increase filmbuild online without sagging and pinhole. With higher CC filmbuild the observation in vertical gets better. But adding a new material into our formula may prompt a lots of verification experiment and hard to get approval. We have yet to introduce this scenario to customer. Pls give you comment on formulation, and do we have a guideline on this product, and what is your suggestion when communicating with customer. Thanks !
Aug 25, 2020 6:53 AM
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