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Grammar behind "for" in this kind of sentences Hi! Would anyone be so kind as to explain to me how I know when to use the kind of structure as in these sentences: "I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know: what are you watching at the moment?" "Say 'No' and signal for them to stay standing up." Thank you in advance!
Aug 26, 2020 9:42 AM
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I'd interpret it as "in order to" or 'that'/ чтобы/ para (Spanish) and similar thoughts. I'd love if you would.... or I'd love it if this were to happen/I'd love it if you could. Same with 'signal for'. I would signal for them to start something. = I'd would signal them, for them/so that they..... start something.
August 26, 2020
Thanks, Michael! I've just looked at your sources, they are quite revealing! Thanks!
August 26, 2020
"I'd love for you to ... " looks like US informal English to me, so I suppose you might use this when you are speaking or writing in an informal US English context. It looks "wrong" to me, although I see it a fair amount. It's probably not something to use in your Oxford English test :) "Signal for"; this looks OK to me.
August 26, 2020
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