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Are these correct? "We use the plurals men and women to modify plural nouns when they have a ‘subject’ meaning; man and woman are used to express an 'object' meaning. Compare: - men drivers (= men who drive) women pilots (= women who fly planes) - man-eaters (= lions, tigers or other animals that eat people) woman-haters (= people who hate women)" ----------------- For singular: how do you use? is it only male and female? Would man and woman work too? men drivers> a male driver, a man driver women pilots> a female pilot, a woman pilot
Aug 26, 2020 2:24 PM
Answers · 2
They say in USA or American English male or female driver, not man or women driver . Male or female roommate, not MAN or woman roommate. men section of store not male section of store Women section of store not female section of store Gender: male or female
August 26, 2020
Actually it's more typical to say 'male drivers', 'female pilots' rather than 'men drivers' etc. although people would understand you. The singular forms 'man driver' etc. sound even more out of place to a native.
August 26, 2020
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