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What does this news headline mean? FURNITURE FACTORY PAY CUT PROTEST What is the verb protest? If so, why not PROTESTS so that it agrees with "Furniture factory pay cut" which should be singular? Does it mean employees of a furniture factory protests because of decrease in payment?
2020年8月26日 14:27
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PROTEST is a noun. This entire headline is a phrase without a verb. All the words are actually nouns in this phrase. All the nouns are modifying other nouns. Furniture modifies factory, and pay (wage) modifies cut (reduction), and furniture factory modifies pay cut, and pay cut modifies protest.
In this particular headline, there is no verb. Here, "cut" is a noun--a reduction. The headline refers to a protest about a pay cut (reduced wage) at a furniture factory. Everything is describing the protest. I'm sorry--I meant to answer the question but I left a comment instead. Anyway, what I wrote is meant to answer your question.
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