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Please correctly translates into two sentences - 아까부터 계속 치던데 - y - 어머, 저 ㄴ은 또 뭐야? - Hi everyone. I read a manhwa , with this I am learning Korean. :D Ok, I have a question: - 아까부터 계속 치던데 - you've been bumping into others for a while now. (the context would be: a boy just hit another boy so the two argue for no reason.) - 어머, 저 ㄴ은 또 뭐야? - Oh my, other girl? (The context would be that a friend is jealous because a foreign girl arrives and asks her friend about her.) Thank you very much for the help, I hope. :D 콜롬비아 출신이다.
Aug 26, 2020 3:09 PM
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Hi! 아까부터 계속 치던데 I guess this is what the "victim" said to the attacker.. So it means "You've been hitting me since before" 어머 저 ㄴ은 또 뭐야 ㄴ =년(Koreans express swear words with initial consonants😅) And 년 means bitch. So, it means" Who that bitch" Hope it helps!🧡
August 27, 2020
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