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Hi ! Does anyone know Spanish podcasts to recommend me? Thanks in advance
26 ส.ค. 2020 เวลา 16:21
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As Duncan noted, News in slow Spanish is quite good and you do get the first story free , its for intermediate/ advanced. I also listen to podcasts form Espanol con Juan /1001 reasons to Learn Spanish. Spanish with Vincente. Many of these Youtube language tutors have some form of Podcast. How to Spanish ( Mexican ) are also great, many are 30 mins plus but the speed is measured and language clear and varied. I also listen to Radio Ambulante which is more of a current affairs/ new programme ( it does have a heavy political slant )and at time some of the audio can be quite challenging along with its Latin American vocabulary, I'm more Spanish from Spain and mentioning "Spanish from Spain" (youtube) Reyes is as mad as a hatter but a great teacher. Espanol Automatico also great..( also Youtube) I'd say all of these are for B1 ( some might be a little challenging ) B2 I've just done a quick search on my iPhone and several podcasts popped up so just do a search
27 สิงหาคม 2020
If you are happy to get a subscription then News in Slow Spanish is quite good. I also found that Notes in Spanish was quite a good resource. They have short conversations at a range of levels. Spanishpod101 has some good resources too. I mostly listen to stories on YouTube now, or watch the news, or series on RTVE.
26 สิงหาคม 2020
Thank you very much Lauren!
26 สิงหาคม 2020
I recommend Coffee Break Spanish for beginners. Then Españolistas, Spanished Obsessed for intermediate both with Columbian speakers. For more advanced or challenging you could try TED en Español. I am interested to hear any other recommendations - I'm intermediate trying to get to a more advanced level.
26 สิงหาคม 2020
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