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Is "Due to" being used correctly here? After a delay due to the coronavirus crisis, the US musician is releasing her long-awaited sixth album Chromatica.
26 de Ago de 2020 às 18:24
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Perfect. “Due to” is followed by a noun (in the object case — “to” is a preposition here) or a gerund (a type of verbal noun ending in -ing). The connotation is usually neutral or a bit negative. For a positive connotation, we could use “thanks to”. For a neutral connotation, we could use “because of”, etc. Is there something that is unclear to you?
26 de Agosto de 2020
27 de Agosto de 2020
Looks good to me!
26 de Agosto de 2020
yes :-)
26 de Agosto de 2020
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