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Ishita Ahmed
David was kind-hearted.. ▪ Does this dialogue sound natural to you? Rahim: David was kind-hearted and compassionate. I liked him a lot... but there were a few things about him that bothered me greatly. Paul: For example. Rahim: For example...he always had a very shabby appearance and unwilling to improve it. There were times he smelled to the high heavens. His hair was always very greasy--and brushing teeth was not one of his virtues.
Aug 26, 2020 9:14 PM
Answers · 6
The only thing I notice is "and unwilling to improve it": it should be "and was unwilling to improve it".
August 26, 2020
Apart from the corrections already given, "... and brushing teeth...", should be "...and brushing his teeth...".
August 27, 2020
It doesn't sound like natural dialogue, but it makes sense. Just not something two people would say. Since it's dialogue, I think you need to use more casual speech. Ex. You're more likely to hear Paul say "Like what?" than "For example?" And Rahim to answer "like...." than "for example".
August 27, 2020
Ishita Ahmed
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