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what does "into boiling glass to cool himself. "here mean? The Italian, then, informs us that he had to enter that country through a fire so hot that he would have thrown himself into boiling glass to cool himself.
2020年8月27日 15:41
Answers · 3
That would mean the fire was extremely hot ( by comparison a boiling glass appears as cold)
It means the situation in that country was so painful and burnt that as compare to that fire boiling glass would be a cooler place.
“Boiling glass” is a strange phrase, but the general idea is that anything is better than an extremely hot fire, even if that better thing is also hot (just not as hot). Something less hot than an extremely hot fire would theoretically make one’s body temperature cooler, in this case “boiling glass”. I would guess glass was used to describe something very uncomfortable to get into/enter.
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