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How are these phrases translated - 근질 좋은데? 골격도 타고났고...- and - "이문위기는 설마 여자사람 친구" ? - 근질 좋은데? 골격도 타고났고... - - You have good muscles, right? You were blessed with good structure.- context: a woman's sister grabs a boy's arm and then says something to him, maybe about muscles. ---- I can't understand this " 이문위기는 " 설마 여자사람 친구- Don't tell me you're serious is my girlfriend This complete sentence "이문위기는 설마 여자사람 친구" context: a boy finishes talking to a woman's sister and then says that in his thoughts about if she is a girlfriend. Thank you very much for the help, I hope. :D 콜롬비아 출신이다.
Aug 27, 2020 5:21 PM
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- 근질 좋은데? 골격도 타고났고... Your translation is correct. - 이 분위기는 설마 여자사람 친구? (문위기 -> 분위기, 설마 usually requires a question-like ending) = And the way it looks, might she be/become a female friend? (Hard to get the sense. 설마 sounds a bit strange because 여자사람 친구 is nothing unusual) * 분위기 = atmosphere; air of something; the way things are going. (Here it is the latter) * 여자사람 친구 = female friend - i.e. not a girlfriend in the romantic sense but a simple friend who's female.
August 28, 2020
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