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J. Maitland Asks what is being done to crack down on the rice and thefts of metal...? J. Maitland asks what is being done to crack down on the rise in thefts of metal, which is costing the UK up to £1,000,000,000 a year. Raids on power substations have doubled in the past 12 months and hospital generators have been targeted forcing, doctors to cancel operations. ..................................................................................... Is someone able to explain to me the sentence because I thought to crack down on somebody means to treat someone very tough. What does raids on power substations mean? Perhaps someone is able to describe me the text in other words. *lol sorry for the wrong spelling. Trying to speak 🎙instead of writing went wrong. Lol 😆 instead of rice 🍚 🍣 in the capion I obviously mean rise. And instead of rate on... I mean raids on power substations.🥴🥴🥴😂
2020年8月28日 15:27
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Your second sentence "rates and power substations ... to cancel operations" is not right. It seems to be missing some words. However, I can still try to answer your 2 questions: (a) crack down, (b) rates on power substation. a. The phrasal verb "crack down" has a direct object. If the direct object is a person or people, then "crack down" means to treat them aggressively. If the direct object is some type of crime, such as the thefts of metal, then "crack down" means to investigate the crimes more aggressively. b. The meaning of "rates in power substations" depends on the context. The first sentence refers to "the rise in thefts of metal": this is the context. In this context the word "rates" in "rates in power substations" refers to the rate (or frequency) of thefts of metal, and "rates in power substations" means "frequency of thefts of metal from power substations". When a thief removes metal from a "power substation", the power substation cannot function properly. Some of these power substations are hospital generators. When a hospital generator stops working because a thief has taken some of the metal, doctors must cancel operations.
J. Maitland asks what is being done to stop thefts. Crack down on the rise = reduce. Rates of theft/the number of thefts on power substations.
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