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Jan Kotrch
felt all floopy Could somebody explain me, what does that mean? Is that like confused? In wich situation it can be used? Thanks
28 aug 2020 19:42
Answers · 4
Other people have defined "floppy." "Floopy" isn't a real word - but it does show up in an episode of "Friends." (if that's where you got it from.) Part of the joke is that it isn't a real word - just something one of them made up. It's kind of portmanteau-ish - it sounds like loose & floppy - but even less defined.
29 augustus 2020
I had never heard of it before, but here you go: Also, the other person's use of "spelt" is incorrect. It's "spelled" in the U.S.
28 augustus 2020
"Floppy" is like a how you would describe a wet noodle. Computer disks used to be called "Floppy disks" because they could bend without breaking.
28 augustus 2020
Do you mean 'floopy' or 'floppy' Floopy might be spelt wrong as it is not a word we use in North America.
28 augustus 2020
Jan Kotrch
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