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Ootred 秋 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
Is this a chaotic battle or not? "The dogs and the cats are battling one another." In this sentence, do the dogs only fight the cats? Or do the dogs fight among themself either? And do the cats fight among themself either?
29 sie 2020 14:21
Answers · 2
In that sentence the dogs and cats are fighting each other. Dogs vs. Cats. If you want to say that the dogs are fighting other dogs and cats are fighting other cats, then I would say "the dogs and the cats are both fighting among themselves."
29 sierpnia 2020
Only context would make this clear. Without such context, as your questions usually are, people would have to take the most likely interpretation, as Darrek has done, which is the obvious, cats fighting dogs & vice versa.
29 sierpnia 2020
Ootred 秋 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
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