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Could you translate this into English, please? 要陳述我的心情的話 就是很夢幻吧 如果要看看我的心的話 就是很夢幻吧 如果一定要表現出我的感情 就是很夢幻吧 夢幻的 夢幻的 夢幻的 現在 4:44 是從哪裡開始出了錯誤 愛我的那句話 是真心的對吧 但我為甚麼總是想掉眼淚呢 (快告訴我 快抓緊我) 拜託 拜託 越是闔上雙眼 越是鮮明的看見 因為你的身影 我睜開了雙眼 總是不斷變得漫長的夜晚與 無止盡的爭吵中一敗塗地 我開了燈
Aug 30, 2020 7:49 AM
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19 days ago
November 19, 2020
Hi.I would like to tell you that the text you sent belongs to traditional Chinese writing, but at present, simplified Chinese is more widely used in society. If you want to learn Chinese, it may be better to study with simplified Chinese. So I marked the corresponding simplified Chinese in the translation, I hope they are beneficial. My English expression and grammar are not very good, so please forgive me if there are some mistakes. If you ask me to state my mood 如果你要我陈述我的心情的话 It's dreamy 就是很梦幻吧 If you want to see my heart 如果你要看看我的心的话 It's dreamy 就是很梦幻吧 If I have to show my feelings 如果一定要我表现出我的感情的话 It's dreamy 就是很梦幻吧 Now is a very dreamy moment,4:44 梦幻的梦幻的梦幻的现在,4:44 Where did the mistakes begin 是从哪里开始了错误 The words that love me is true,right? 爱我的那些话是真的,对吗? But why I always wants to shed tears 但我为什么总是想掉眼泪呢 (Tell me quickly,hold on me tightly) (快告诉我,抓紧我) Please,please 拜托,拜托 The more I close my eyes 越是合上眼睛 The clearly I see 越是鲜明地看见 I open my eyes because of your figure 因为你的身影我张开了双眼 I was always totally defeated in the long night and endless quarrels 我总是在漫长的夜晚和无尽的争吵中一败涂地 and I turn on the light 我打开灯
August 30, 2020
风清月白,夜色阑珊。如果要描述述我此刻的心情的話 是很夢幻的吧 如果要看看我的心的話 我想那里面裝满了你。 如果一定要表达出我的感情的话 那绝对是由一而终的爱你。 可 到底是哪裡開始出了问题 说过愛我的 还作数的 對吧 但我為甚麼總是難掩眼淚 越是闔上雙眼不去想 卻越是難以入眠 一想起你的身影 我就不自覺地睜開了眼睛。 我們總是在無止盡的爭吵聲中 開啟了彼此沒有對方的不完整的一天。
August 30, 2020
August 30, 2020
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