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Aug 30, 2020 7:59 AM
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August 30, 2020
"愛のさざなみ", a masterpiece. "♪ Repeat ~ Repeat ~ ♪ like ripples" that is refrained by the lyrics No. 1 and 2 is exquisite. Kanosuke Hamaguchi, the composer, sings. He sings in such an atmosphere that Ojisan after taking a bath is humming comfortably while drinking beer. Many women are always “anxious”. The "anxiety" is not the "anxiety" of the individual, but the "anxiety" that the system has given to the female gender. There is an indescribable "anxiety" about my location. In the days when the system of "house" was still alive, there was no place for women other than the place of birth of heritage. "Oh, there is only one small boat on the lake." There is only one small boat floating in a large lake, which is a metaphor of the "anxiety" of where a female is. The fortification of naming oneself as "hometown" is actually the inside out of "anxiety" about whereabouts. The man who said, "I am the only one who is your hometown" naturally fumbles. It's too late, "When and who decided that?" The woman has already decided so. Seeking democracy in love is a big mistake. Love is a thing in which things are often decided without the person's knowledge. The only thing a man can do is to affirm or deny it. Indecision is the worst.
August 30, 2020
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