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What does "get away from you" mean in this context? Below is a line from the TV show, The Good Place. There's this guy who really loves frog and people kept giving him all sorts of frog related stuffs (frog dolls, badges etc.) Now his desk hardly has any space left because it's all filled with frog items, and one day his friend comes to see him and says, "Boy, kind of **getting away from you here, huh?**" (The frog guy answers, a little hesitant but still smiling, "Yeah, I love frogs though, so it's awesome.") What does the part marked in stars mean in this context? I looked up the definition of "get away from" but none of them seems to fit. Also, what's the subject of the sentence? (What) got away from the frog guy, is he asking? Thanks in advance for your answer!
30 Ağu 2020 15:37
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When something "gets away from you" it means that it is no longer in your control. A thief may "get away" from the police. A fish may "get away" from the fisherman. The amount of debt a business owes may "get away" from the owner. The cleanliness of a desk may "get away" from the owner of the desk. I can imagine that this guys desk is SO messy and full of frog things that EVERYONE who walks by thinks "WOW this messiness is out of control". Then this one fellow says what everyone is thinking "Boy, it seems like you no longer have control over how clean and tidy your desk is. It's kind of getting away from you here, huh?"
30 Ağustos 2020
Hello dbwlsld! I think that in this context "getting away from you" means "getting out of control". It seems that the person who says this, walks into the "frog enthusiast's" office and notices that his desk is covered with "frog things" and he is of the opinion that the "frog enthusiast" is going overboard and that his interest is no longer just a natural interest but that he is becoming obsessive - like the situation is getting out of control because he has collected an abnormal amount of "frog things" and it could be taking over his life. I hope that helps!
30 Ağustos 2020
This is a great question! The phrase is an idiom, so doesn't translate literally. "Get away from you" in this context means the situation has become overwhelming or uncontrollable or beyond what was originally intended. Another idiom with a similar meaning is "out of control". Here it means that he would enjoy receiving a few frog items, but not so many. "Too much of a good thing" is another way to describe the situation. I love that show, by the way!
30 Ağustos 2020
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