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Tillering phase Hello, everyone! Is there a term "TILLERING phase" a phase during which tillers are formed? Is this text understandable? If there are grave mistakes in the text could you point this out? Thank you! "The purpose of the conducted research is to study the yield of soft (winter) wheat depending on the application of fertilizer: the main application of mineral fertilizers and the use of root and foliar fertilization. The article justifies the need for optimizing the elements of varietal technology of growing soft (winter) wheat on the basis of improving the fertilizer system. The soft (winter) wheat varieties research was carried out in the conditions that exist in the central part of the Forest-Steppe on the basis of a three-factor experiment. The influence of basic fertilizer and application of foliar fertilization on the yield of varieties of soft (winter) wheat suitable for dissemination has been proven. It is determined that the neglect of the negative impact of weather conditions of spring-summer vegetation of soft (winter) wheat can be reduced by agrotechnical means: carrying out early spring root fertilization of crops and application of foliar fertilization of plants in the spring TILLERING phase."
Aug 30, 2020 5:19 PM
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Yes there is a term "tillering phase". I looked it up online. In agriculture the "tillering phase" is when a species of grass (like wheat) produces multiple side shoots, or tillers. A "side shoot" is a smaller blade of grass that grows out beside the primary blade of grass in a grass planting.
August 30, 2020
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