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Hi! I have a very beautiful song in Chinese. The problem is I dont know a single word in Chinese! Can anyone help me to translate it into English or Russian? Please!!! Its so beautiful! :-)
Feb 19, 2008 6:40 PM
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My translation is very unpolished: 美丽的神话a beautiful myth 梦中的人熟悉的脸孔familiar face in my dream 你是我守候的温柔you are my tenderness waiting for 就算泪水淹没天地even if my whole world were flooded with tears 我不会放手,每一刻孤独的承受i will never give up, i will receive the long loneliness 只因我曾许下承诺because of my promise 你我之间熟悉的感动our familiar affection 爱就要苏醒revive our love 万世沧桑唯有爱是永远的神话so many great changes, but only love is myth forever 潮起潮落始终不悔真爱的相约so many great changes, but i never regret making the love appointment 几番若痛的纠缠多少黑夜掐扎so many tangled pain, some many tangled night 紧握双手让我和你再也不离分holding our hands, don't separate. 枕上雪冰封的爱恋the icebound love on the pillow 真心相拥才能融解only real embrace can melt it 风中摇曳炉上的火the fire in stove is waving in wind 不灭亦不休never be destroyed, never be stopped 等待花开春去春又来waiting the flower year after year 无情岁月笑我痴狂the cold years is laughing my crazy 心如钢铁任世界荒芜my heart is like the steel, i don't care the end of the world 思念永相随missing you forever 悲欢欢月唯有爱是永远的神话in the bitter and sweet days, only love is myth forever 谁都没有遗忘古老,古老的誓言no one forget the ancient vow 你的泪水化为漫天飞舞的彩蝶your tears change to the butterfly dancing in the air 爱是翼下之风两心相随自在飞love is the wind under the wings, two hearts fly freely with each other 你就是我心中唯一美丽的神话you are my only beautiful myth
February 21, 2008
The song's name is 《美丽的神话(beautiful myth)》,which sings of love. i regret to say that i'm unable to help you with lyric translating,it is far beyond my skill level..
February 20, 2008
tell me the name of song,I will give you the Chinese interpretation .
February 20, 2008
can I try it? tell me the song's name please
February 20, 2008
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