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Sounds and their pronunciation Sounds and their pronunciation Russian and Chinese sounding very similar, but as I realized the Chinese there is no sound "R" (P - russian). How do you cope with this by studying Russian? To me the future to know if I tell someone how to pronounce correctly:) Ask - of course, native speakers.(Chinese).
Nov 9, 2009 11:38 PM
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Hi, Set First of all, I personally really don't think Chinese and Russian share similarities in pronunciation. Russian to us, at least to me, sounds like French, people have to have a rather flexible tongue to speak such languages, I think. It is too beautiful for me to learn. Second, I think there actually is R in Chinese. It's just we don't have 'Ra' as in Russian, but with other vowels as in 'ri', which means 'the sun', or 'ri ben'-Japan, 'ren'-people, 're'-hot, etc. 'Russian' spelled by Chinese pinyin would be 'ra shen'. There is another thing, although Chinese does have R, it is a little difficult for people from certain regions with a strong accent to say, as Chinese Mandarin is basically based on northern pronunciation, since the capital Beijing is in the north. By the way, I love Russia and really hope I could see the Red Square one day in person, other than from telly. LOL.
November 17, 2009
Learning Chinese Online - Listening Materials. Integrated Chinese Audio (By University of Rhode Island ... Contains 15 Chinese fables with sound files and online exercises. ... These lessons allow students to learn Mandarin Chinese online as well as on their MP3 player. ...
November 10, 2009
Hi Set, I suggest that you try this site; Learn Chinese - Free online mandarin audio courses Learn Chinese, free online audio courses. Introduction to the Pinyin, the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, the four tones. First conversation. Audio files ... 01 - Phonetics, Hello - Table of Contents - Phonetics, Thank You
November 10, 2009
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