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I feel like my English is not improving,is there any specific ways to help me improving?
Feb 20, 2008 4:52 AM
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The way presentd here is for you to evaluate your standard , to see how much progress you did in your grammar and language in general , but to improve you have to do effort ,you say you are not improving , but what do you do > are you applying any methods right now ,yet you are not improving ?? So i ll just recommend you some ways to improve ,and if you are applying any methods ,and not improving ,then you are not giving enough time or concentrating enough in what you are doing ! Some ways , would be " - reading at your own level of comprehension using dictionary to look up the words you don't know " -watching movies , attending lectures, listening to music , any method to be able to hear the language spoken . -Mixing with people who speak the language ,trying to apply what you know and make mistakes no problem , you can always ask others for the meaning of words . -And then by using one of those methods to evaluate your improvement , that would make you feel and sense your progress ,which would encourage you to go on ! Good luck !
February 21, 2008
Sometimes, it is hard to evaluate our own learning progress. There should be a standard for you to evaluate the progress. For example, if someone gives a topic and let you do a 5 minutes presentation, your score would be low if you can only do a 1 minute presentation with a lot of grammar mistakes and pauses from time to time. A month later, if you can do a 3 minutes presentation without too many grammar mistakes, that is huge progress to me. Keep on learning and practising, I believe there is definitely great progress.
February 20, 2008
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