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vivian 媛藤
What's the meaning of "My day's been great early still though".
13 de nov de 2009 11:39
Answers · 2
This is a humorous (or tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic) way of saying: "Until now, my day has been very good. But maybe it will become bad!" A shorter way of saying the same thing is: "So far, so good." (Nothing bad has happened... yet) 用中文可以理解为:到目前为止,一切顺利。但是以后而言,结论为时过早。它可能是冷幽默,又有可能是悲观。
13 de Noviembre de 2009
Hi Vivien, Oren has given you an excellent answer.
14 de Noviembre de 2009
vivian 媛藤
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