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How do you write a good face description?
Nov 14, 2009 10:10 AM
Answers · 6
Phrases that describe people's appearances: sunken/hollow eyes chiselled angular features a deeply bronzed face a deeply seamed face weather-beaten face stone - faced A bicycle face --if you see it, you want to step on it. A moon face a doughy face empty eyes dead eyes almond eyes skin as smooth as a baby's behind ruddy complexion alabaster skin furrowed brow aquiline nose button nose rugged features pouty mouth cupid-bow mouth snaggle-toothed clear-eyed Phyiscal Appearance-Negative pizza-faced pencil-necked four-eyed knock-kneed pigeon-toed nerdy geeky Psychological Appearance wistful solemn pained awed contemplative exalted excited
November 14, 2009
eyes can be: large, small, deep set, slanted, round, thick lashed, watery, well spaced, protruding, rheumy, heavy lidded, dark circled Hair can be: curly, straight, wavy, coarse, lustrous, thin, thick, thinning. Of course, one can be bald! Mouth can be: slack, thin/thick lipped, wet, smiling, grinning, toothy, puckered, large, pouting, rosebud, stingy Complexion can be: fair, olive, dark, sallow, pale, flushed, healthy, sickly, choleric Nose can be: long, short, narrow, upturned, crooked, with flaring nostrils, flat, bulbous, roman, beaky Body can be: fat, thin, obese, skinny, muscular, stocky, willowy, long/short legged, paunchy, portly, rangy, wiry, plump, statuesque, lissome, svelte, gross
November 14, 2009
He has bushy eyebrows. He has a roman nose. He has a crooked nose. He has a ski-slope nose. He has a flat nose. He has a pointy nose. He has a great smile. He has a face only a mother could love. He’s got dimples. One of his eyes is bigger than the other. He has a lot of pockmarks. She has freckles all over her face. Her ears stick out like car doors. She has teeth like a horse. He has a big mole on his chin. She has wrinkles around her eyes. He has sunken eyes. He has eyes that pop out of his head like a frog. He’s got hair growing out of his ears. She has buck-teeth. She has a moon-face. He has a big, round head like a basketball. He’s got hair coming out of his nostrils. He has huge nostrils. He has beady little eyes.
November 15, 2009
- a jolly face - a kind face - a deeply lined face - a heavily made-up face (wearing make-up) - a menacing face - a pasty face (pale and not looking healthy) - a plump face - a prettyface - a thin face and sharp features (= a pointed nose and chin) - a sour face - a spotty face - a stern face - a face with strong features (= large and noticeable) - a suntanned face - a taut and pale face - an ugly face - a beautiful face - an unshaven face - a grey, wan face (= looking pale and weak) - a waxen face (= pale and looking ill) - a woeful face (= very sad)
November 14, 2009
- a blotchy and swollen face - a cherubic face (= looking round and innocent, like a small child’s) - a face with a lot of character - a classically beautiful face (Her face is classically beautiful.) - an expressionless face - a gaunt face (vey thin, usually because of illness) - a grim face - a handsome face - a happy/smiling face - a hateful face - a haughty face - a hideous face - an honest face - an impassive face
November 14, 2009
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