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Plz help me to proof read my translation homework. Many thanks:) Spirit Space "Oriental fine art use object impling deep meaning, expressing emotion, form unique drawing style." " It is not difficult to draw reallistic and lifely,but hard in express inner spirite." Oriental fine art to pay much attention to spirite,light in object, pay attention to similarity in spirit. However, early time in western fine art place importance on science,to pay much attention to concrete painting. Trying to reproduce the physical image through drawing. I think the object just the medium of emotion express of artist. Thus, What artist express is the inner spirite of the object, rather than just simply imitate. So I take nature as basis, catch every little simple plain fragments of life through imagination, Using surreal romantic method to put unlogical inner connect of object melt together. Reach the stature of forgetting whether I am the object or object reflect me. Tables,chairs, lamps, wires, lights, telephone ......quietly stay in a mysterious space. All this object are not just simply what u saw. Without western science, perspective.They looks ambiguous. There are no necessary logical relationship between each other . Yet the relationship and space which these objects created are reasonable, truely, quietly telling a warm,quiet,sad,lonely story and dream. The picture looks clam but also embrace the wonderful atmosphere which just like a poem. In this romantic and elegant atmosphere, which let people have the strong love feeling of life or have the infinite imagination of future life. This mixed feeling have the typical label “pain” of modern people. Harmony and warm company with the feeling of blue and said. This is the “spirit of space” of each modern people, isnt it? The essence of painting must also include skills. Wet and dry,thickness and light,flying white flowing and the choice of texture and color are all a necessary condition for picture constitution. The creative process is intertwined perceptual and rational process which is a sense and sensibility co-existing process. Really good painting is not only rational,but short of emotional,vice versa. What we called design thinking pattern is just the rational thinking method in the creative process. while the randomness is only the choice of exprssion method of design thinking pattern.No matter east or west, this conclution are also truely in other art.If left design and planing, you will lost philosophy of art, in other words,you will finally lost the essence of art. If we just painting freely but no subjective design,then what we draw will never called art. The relationship between designing and randomness are both indepantent and restrict,both controlling and delightening. The relationship between them are ambiguous. At the same time they are also full of oppotunity and choices. They just like couples, whether they can harmoniusly live together are depand on their appropriateness. How to suite each other have two kind of method. First, they both change to suite each other, live harmoniously. Second, just change one person,but sacrifice another one. The cost is completly change one of them,even totally sacrifice him or her. Some people said, " What kind of life you live will make you creat what kind of art." My life makes my drawing style.It is also habit and dependency.Perhaps most of my life is quietly, lonely, though occasionally there will be warm and romantic time. I was also accompanied by an idealistic fantasies. I have many dreams that one day can become a good painter. dream of genuous God will bless me in the future. He will give me a beautiful and perfect life ... ... Everything I dreamed becoming true. That is the dream of poetry and my spirit space.
Nov 19, 2009 5:13 PM
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Here's another paragraph: I think an object is just the medium of expression of the artist's emotions. Thus, what an artist expresses is the inner spirit of the object, rather than just simple imitation. So, I take nature as a basis, and use my imagination to gather together the simple plain fragments of life. I use a surreal, romantic method to form illogical connections between objects. At this point, I forget whether I am the object or the object reflects me.
November 22, 2009
I'll give the first paragraph a shot: Oriental fine art uses objects to convey deep meaning, to express emotion, and form a unique drawing style. It is not difficult to make realistic and lifelike drawings, but it is hard in express the inner spirit. Oriental fine art pays much attention to the spirit, light in object [I can't understand this one], and also pays attention to similarities in spirit [not sure about this either]. On the other hand, throughout its history, Western fine art placed great importance on scientific techniques to create concrete reproductions of the physical image through drawing.
November 20, 2009
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