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I'm interested in finding out what others want in Groups or Course for learning English? I have a ton of material to offer, but want to know what others want. I know the economy is great so would like to put together something affordable. Studies show, in order for people to have the most success in learning English or another foreign language, the person has to attend a course for at least 120 hours, while additionally committing themselves to studying on their own, speaking with others in the language, as well as other stuff. Personally, I think the courses should aim towards the certain individuals level, so I was thinking of breaking it into five different levels and making the first course free. That means one course at the beginner level, 120 hours free. However, as part of the classes, anyone enrolled would be required to attend the free group that went with that level of class. What do you think of this? Would people have interest in taking an assessment test in order to determine the level of class they would be in? Also, anyone not at the lowest level will have the ability to take the class free for a period of two weeks in order to see if they like the class. The higher level classes will also have the requirement that everyone attend the group too. What do people think about skype for group interactions? Is this something that many people have? Would people be willing to do assignments, as well as read a book and discuss it in order to practice comprehension of English at the higher levels, as well as speaking and writing? I thought watching and discussing movies would work well for the higher groups too, as well as listening to different music. There is also another site I would require people to get a free membership on so they could get flash cards I make for them. So what do people think? Am I missing anything, should I add anything? Additionally, is this something that will interest people? I know its intensive, but from what I've studied, fluency can only be obtained through these methods. How many classes could people attend each week and how long could they attend each class? As for the group, how much should I do this with the classes? I'll have this up in numerous other languages, but know them well enough so will have to use translation tools and will try not to butcher anyone's language. Thank you so much for the comments. The classes would be separate and based on the level of the learners (five levels). Each would have a group that went along with it and yes would cover different subject areas of interest as a support to practicing information learned in the classes. Groups would be free of course, but would be a requirement.
Nov 20, 2009 8:25 AM
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i am ready
November 23, 2009
hi.livinglife . I see you have some great ideas there. To me the assessment test, assignments and group interactions are fine. But 120 hours for each course? That sounds a bit too much, not sure how many others can commit that much of their time to the course. Good luck with your project.
November 21, 2009
That`s a great idea.
November 20, 2009
Hello LivingLife, I think, you are right about classes (groups) for learning English. I am russian, I think its good idea to learn foreign lang with groups that would be, imho, subject area, isn't it?
November 20, 2009
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