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plz can anyone can tell me name of very 5 chinese movies which r very famous....not old recent movies.thx
Nov 21, 2009 7:20 AM
Answers · 5
《疯狂的石头》 《疯狂的赛车》 这两部方言比较多 冯小刚的《甲方乙方》 《没完没了》 《不见不散》 这几部京片子比较多
November 24, 2009
famous movies are usually "old and not recent".... pity.... old doen't mean cheesy 大话西游 1 大话西游 2 霸王别姬 笑傲江湖之东方不败 some of them were even shot before I was born....
November 22, 2009
if you want to know the history of taiwan and the language of chinese hakka, see the movie ""The Legend of Formosa in 1895"". the introduction the trailer use the key word 一八九五 to search on any p2p servers english subtitle is available the movie is narrated mainly in chinese hakka and partialy in japanese.
November 22, 2009
some TV play is also good for u 雾里看花 天龙八部 costume play those mandarin is standardized
November 21, 2009
Some popular recent movies: 天下无贼 卧虎藏龙 不能说的秘密 色戒 功夫
November 21, 2009
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