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could anyone help me to translate it into French? you are welcome.I have not seen you for a long time. How have you been recently. u disappeared for millions of years.Is it because you had became a millionaire and then you went to get married or you kidnapped by Aliens?hahaha
2009年11月21日 16:01
Answers · 2
Bonjour Alex Translation : "Tu es le/la bienvenu(e), on ne s'est pas vu depuis si longtemps. Comment vas-tu ? Tu as disparu depuis des années... Est-ce parce que tu es devenu(e) millionnaire et puis tu t'es marrié(e) ou tu as été kidnappé(e) par des Aliens ? hahaha!!! NB : letters in bracket depends on who you're talking to ... you didn't mention that...
i'm french. what do you want to translate ?
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