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Mei Ho
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about inviting what do you think about men invite his lady friend to his house alone?Chinese girl seldome accept the invitation,but I don't know how to explain this case to my foreinger friend.Thank you,Corina.He has been stayed in China for 4 months.But I try to explain to him.But still he insist his point,and thought that I am not trust him or something.I think if you want to make friends in other countries.You must try to understand and respect their cultures.You can't always judge others with your own culture which cause misunderstanding easily.Thank you,Jura.You are right.I should know him well first.Thanks,Cherry.Yes,real friends base on the mutual understand.
Nov 22, 2009 8:04 AM
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I think that you have to get to know this person first, he may be quite genuine or maybe not.
November 22, 2009
In the UK and other western countries it is perfectly fine for this to happen. Is your friend in China? If so I'm sure he is interested in Chinese culture and learning about cultural differences and so I would just explain how it is to him.
November 22, 2009
Understanding of other cultures is important, especially from friends Should not be someone trying to impose its culture on others And here comes the meaning of true friend
November 28, 2009
Hello Mei, You have explained to him already. If he is a real friend he should respect your wish and compromise , like you meet somewhere for a coffee or do any activity together such as sightseeing with him, attending cultural events ,eating in a restaurant etc..
November 25, 2009
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