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The environment is getting worse .I'm so afraid that our children can't see the clean world :( dear friends last night I watched a pragam about the environment .and I thought a lot .what do we need to get for our life from the nature ?and What have we got then ?Yes we got so much but othermean we lost more I think .I want to be back to the past although no cars no buildings no nice food no beautiful clothes thing is enough to me .please ask to heart by yourself .then you will find the answer :)Please kind to our world !!!Thanks so much for your answer :))))))
26 нояб. 2009 г., 14:28
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yeah of course, it's never too late to save our mother planet. let's act now !!! we know that we are the main cause of this deteriorating environment but, we should not set aside the fact that we are also the solution in fixing this problem. I still want my kids to grow up breathing fresh air and drinking safe water..... :)
28 ноября 2009 г.
i think it should start in ourself first.. cowboy...
27 ноября 2009 г.
I think the most serious problem is that people don't aware of environment pollution or are unwilling to protect the environment on grounds that their benefits might be harmed or just because it isn't convenient to them. On the other hand, there are always two aspects on one things. Modern life brings about not only pollution but also social progress. We must not be greed, and keep balance between human and nature.
27 ноября 2009 г.
Hi I agree with you. Everyone can help our environment with the following things. 1. Switch off anything that uses electricity. Stick to a routine of shutting off as many electrical appliances as possible when you leave a room. If it will be at least 36 hours before you use it again, unplug it. Even when an appliance is off, it may still use power. 2.Power strips are convenient devices. You can plug all your appliances in one area - say, your computer, fax, printer, and modem; or your toaster, blender, and coffee maker - into a power strip. 3.It is important to note that cell phone and laptop chargers, as well as some other plug-in devices, continue to drain energy from your electrical circuit even when the item being charged or utilized is no longer connected. 4. Use renewable energy sources In the USA around 71% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Burning coal or other fuels emits green-house gases and pollution in the environment. An average home powered by a coal utility will burn 12,000 pounds of coal a year and will cause about the same amount of pollution as 2 cars. By using renewable energy as the primary power source, the reduction of pollution per household would be equivalent to that of planting 400 trees. Many electric companies offer power from renewable sources (sometimes at a slightly higher fee). Another option is to rent solar panels, as these are becoming increasingly less expensive. Contact your local energy provider for more information. 4.Encourage your congressional representatives to support environmental issues and renewable energy 5.One drop per minute can add up over time. Check your faucets and any other appliance that uses water straight from your source.
26 ноября 2009 г.
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