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Please, bring me examples of using "yet" and "just" words. Thx!
Nov 28, 2009 12:37 AM
Answers · 4
Just: 1- Used to say that you did something very recently: 'I've just heard the news.' 'He was here just a minute ago'. 2- Used also to mean 'simply': 'It was just an ordinary day.' 3- Used to mean 'only': 'He's learning English just for fun.' 'We're just good friends,' she said coolly.' 4- really; completely 'The food was just ownderful.' 5- Used to make a polite request, excuse, etc.: 'Could you just help me with this box, please?' 6- used in orders to get sb’s attention, give permission, etc.: 'Just listen to what I’m saying, will you!' 7- at this/that moment; now: 'I’m just off (= I am leaving now).' 8- just about / going to do sth going to do something only a few moments from now or then: 'The water’s just about to boil.' 9- just around/round the corner (idiom): very near 'His house is just around the corner.' 'There were good times around the corner (they would come soon).'
November 28, 2009
Yet: Used in negative sentences and questions to talk about something that has not happened but that you expect to happen: - Haven't you finished your homework yet? - Have you got a job yet? - Have you started your revision yet? - It worries me that he hasn't come home yet. It is also used as a conjunction (= nevertheless) - His voice was soft, yet laden with threat.
November 28, 2009
"its just begone" "the telephone you dialed is not yet in service" cowboy...
November 28, 2009
"I have not finished my dinner yet." This means that I plan to finish my dinner, but am not finished now. "I just finished my dinner." This means that I finished my dinner a very short time ago.
November 28, 2009
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