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can not be bothered 什么意思 大家好,i have a question now ,that is ,how to use "cann't be bothered" please explain it with several examples ,! and ,cann't be bothered to do? or cann't be bothered doing? if either is ok,then ,what is the difference?
Nov 28, 2009 9:09 AM
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跟‘我懶得去理會’ 的意思差不多。
November 28, 2009
Can't be bothered TO DO SOMETHING: This idiom is used to say that you do not want to spend time and/or energy doing something because you think it's unnecessary or because you are too lazy: 'I should really do some work this weekend but I can’t be bothered.' 'All this has happened because you couldn’t be bothered to give me the message.' 'I just can't be bothered to look after the house.' 'I need to clean the house but I can't be bothered.'
November 28, 2009
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