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" Lord "
What is the difference between the Arabs[middle East] and the British [West] in your own opinion ?? British here is not UK, but the origin of English Language ... just i mean to who speaks English, compared with those who speaks the Arabic language in terms of customs and traditions, or anything that you know about each of them ...
Nov 28, 2009 1:05 PM
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The challenge for British Arabs is to make their mark in Britain as a community, rather than just individual attainment, especially in politics where there are no Arab Parliamentarians and few local councillors. They sometimes face anti-Arab racism , especially in the media, and need to strengthen the community by uniting above its regional/ethnic and religious differences. Finally, their task is to establish a unique hybrid British-Arab identity for the British-born generation, preserving the best of Arab heritage, whilst combining this with British culture to give birth to an exciting and dynamic British-Arab identity. British-Arabs can play a unique role in creating understanding between the UK and the Arab world: there is enough ability in their ranks to act as such a bridge – and now there is sufficient will to match it.
November 28, 2009
Hello,Lord. The most idea i got from West is you ,of course women including,can do anything you can.But the Arabian culture about women is about you cant.They require women stand behind,wear veils,put on simple clothes share husband with others ect.I cant imagine the culture conflicts between a modern woman and an Abric man.
November 30, 2009
Hello my friend Shine Sun Well, in my point of view there are lots of different between Arab and West, it's start from food, drink, culture, ideas, religion, education, transplantation, traffic, hospitals, environment..etc For example, in the Middle East people used to eat their food by right hand instead of religion which is Islam , however West people used to eat food with fork by left hand instead of there ways which is " Etiquette". Thanks you Hayat
November 30, 2009
Hi Shine, this is a very interesting site about your question; About British Arabs migration from the Middle East, and differences between different Arab ... Britain. Over the past decade, inflows from the Middle East to the UK generally ... -
November 28, 2009
" Lord "
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