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Why not use the Pahlavi alphabet to write the Persian language?
30 de Nov de 2009 às 08:30
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hi, only afew Zoroasrians can read and write this lang,
2 de Maio de 2017
Dear Amir, I think your interest in Middle Persian or Pahlavi is very commendable but unfortunately the Pahlavi script, which is based off of a modified Aramaic script, is ill suited for any modern language. In Pahlavi, a person would write one word as it was written in Aramaic and pronounce it completely differently. Take for example the word "Malek" or king. The Sassanid Persians would write 'Malek" in Pahlavi but pronounce it as 'Shah". They did this probably for convenient communication purposes. Most people in the Empire probably spoke Aramaic as they did during the Achaemenid times and creating a brand new script was inefficient. Also, Pahlavi still does not represent most vowel sounds just like the Arabic script currently being used in Iran. Instead, most vowels were presumed in words.However, the Avestan script does represent vowels and is originally Indo-European.
5 de Março de 2013
Hi i think Pahlavi alphabet is the old form of Persian or Farsi it refered to Pahlavi Sasani the language for speaking at time of Sasanian dynasty. After this period and war between Iranian and Arabs arabic language entered Iran because they defeated Iranian troops, gradually it became language of organization and official language.For this reason Persian is close to Arabic in many aspects like alphabets and numbers.
10 de Outubro de 2010
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