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How would you translate: 押し寄せる日々、懐かしい色に 渚はにじむ
Dec 2, 2009 6:42 AM
Answers · 3 Please point out which words are difficult to understand. The answer of mitsullu-san is very good, I think.
December 5, 2009
Ana M さん This is just my interpretation, but I hope it can help you to understand a bit better. We need to read the entire lyrics or at least the entire stanza in order to know the meaning of that particular line. So, let's see: かざした手を溢れて 太陽がこぼれ落ちた 君と口ずさんだメロディーが耳をくすぐった 寄せては返す波のどこかに君の姿を探して歌う 押し寄せる日々、懐かしい色に 渚はにじむ The singer, most probably "he," is standing at the seashore. From 君と口ずさんだメロディー, we can guess that "she" used to be with him, singing some song together, and is gone now somehow. Probably the beach is the very place where they used to spend some time together. 寄せては返す波のどこかに君の姿を探して歌う Now, he came to the beach alone, still missing her. He sings the song they sang together, hoping to find some trait of her in the waves. 押し寄せる日々 押し寄せる literally means a lot of something rushes towards someone. Here, two things are rushing towards him; one is the wave, another is the memory of their old days. Because he is looking the wave alone that he used to see with her before, a lot of memories come up to his mind just like waves rush towards him. 懐かしい色に 渚はにじむ Then, of course he is missing her a lot. The memory just makes him cry, and the vision blurs because of tears. (Yes, you are right, Ana M-san!) Based on above interpretation, the line could be re-written as: (君と一緒にすごした)日々の思い出がまるで波のように次々と心にうかんでくる。とても懐かしくて涙が出てしまい、渚がぼやけて見える。
December 7, 2009
チョコレートモンキーさん、残念ながら、私は手伝えないが、これを見たと、私もどんな意味でしょうかと詳しく理解できたいようになりました。 mitsullu-sanのそのほかのサイトで書いてある翻訳を読んだのに、やっぱり日本語と英語の言葉はぜんぜん違っていて、よく分かりません。 だれか、日本語で言い換えて書いてくれませんか? そうすれば、もっと分かるようになると思いますね。 たとえば、mitsullu-sanの英語翻訳によって日本語に訳をやり直してみると「押し寄せる日々」は「過ぎ去った日々」を意味するみたいです。。。???なぜでしょうか? そして、英語翻訳によって、「懐かしい色に、渚はにじむ」が「懐かしい思い出が泣かせる」になりそうです。それは、泣いてるのせいでよく見られなくて、渚はにじむというわけですか?
December 5, 2009
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