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How about writing a story in English together? I'd like to start with a short opening. It was just another cold and rainy day in London. It was 5 in the morning. Suddenly, a woman's screaming broke the silence. -Please continue.
Feb 21, 2008 3:46 AM
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A nurse came: "May I help you, Sir?" "Do you see all these shadows?!" My voice did not contain much coolness. "What shadows? There's only your shadow. Sir, you've been sleeping for two days and you might have had illusions." The nurse looked confused and concerned. Oh great, now I became not only a cripple, but also a psycho! But really, how could I make them believe what I saw? I didn't even believe it myself! I calmed down and waved for her to leave. And then, as I watched the shapes of the shadows carefully, I suddenly realized that they were ripped pieces of my shadow. Some parts were missing though -- I couldn't find my "legs". But a strange feeling was gradually looming over me -- somewhere, somehow, my legs were still healthy and sound, still supporting the weight of my body, and still walking and running and jumping on the solid earth.
February 25, 2008
It was at that very moment that I saw it. Right behind one of the chairs was a shadow! I threw my pillow at the chair hoping that it would make the shadow go away. But to no avail, the shadow was still there and in fact I saw more shadows than before. There was one behind the pillow, near the side of my bed, near the curtains and near some hospital cabinets. "Oh no," I yelled out, "I'm surrounded by shadows!" I tried to reach for the buzzer to call a nurse but suddenly I noticed something on my sheets; another shadow! It was in the shape of an arm and it seemed to be very close to me. I kicked my sheets away and quickly pressed the buzzer.
February 23, 2008
When I regained my conscience, I was lying in an uncomfortable bed in a room where everything was white -- sheets and quilts and walls and furnitures, so irratatingly white that I immediately realized where I was -- at the hospital. Tubes and bottles surrounded me so tightly that I could but barely see the cloudless blue sky through the window. "What I nice day," I thought, "how long have I slept?" My thoughts flew uncontrollably to the last scene that I remembered: car horns, speeding car, blood, unbearable pain, and... legs... I moved my hand to touch my legs, frightened at what I might, or might not feel. And, "Oh, bloody hell!" The flame of life was extinguished! I cursed in despair the almighty power known as fate: "Am I to endure this throughout the rest of my life? To be a CRIPPLE?" I dropped my fists hard onto my legs, tears ran unstoppably down my cheek, "I never wish to see that God-damned shadow, ever again!!!"
February 23, 2008
Suddenly I realised I was standing in the middle of the road. I was surrounded by the sound of car horns and I tried to make my way back to the pavement. In the corner of my eye I saw a red car speeding towards me. It didn't slow down at all. I tried to yell but one second later I was lying on the road, bathing in my own blood. "What...what happened?" I closed my eyes and tried to remember. Vague memories of flashlights and shadows flew through the emptiness of my mind. I opened my eyes again and saw several concerned people standing over me. "Sir, are you okay?" A man lightly touched my shoulder and it hurt like hell, but there was something that concerned me even more: I couldn't feel my legs.
February 22, 2008
The whole building was awake by now; panicking voices rang like toll bells in every room and on everyone's nerves. I searched every corner along the way as I ran as quickly as possible down the building and five blocks away from the apartment, in hopes that I may find something of the mysterious shadow. But, nothing... The street was still quiet. Several early-birds, unaware of what happened in the apartment, drove by to their workplace as usual. "Nothing," I smiled sarcastically to myself as I stopped to catch my breath, "DID I know this would be the case."
February 22, 2008
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