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Why are you learning English?
Dec 7, 2009 6:08 PM
Answers · 6
because i have to. education language of my school is english..
December 8, 2009
hello, simply because it is spoken across the globe and connect every nation in every part of the world. now, do you think I can answer your question if you post it in other foreign language? :) :)
December 8, 2009
just like to my previous answer we need to learn it.or we cannot pass high school and college.. cowboy...
December 8, 2009
i love it...and i hope ....someday...i can teach people Chinese....
December 8, 2009
Hello Vikusya Good question ... I think English is an easy language to learn that's why we prefer to learn english first...
December 7, 2009
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