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How can I write a handsome handwriting of Japanese? Many thanks! I am a beginner of Japanese. My handwriting is too awful to look. So I am keen to improve it.
11 de Dez de 2009 às 01:27
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Here are some free & easy Calligraphy Lessons from The Calligraphy Company ... Practice Calligraphy Online. Use the interactive Calligraphy Lesson by G. Booth, of Japanese calligraphy by writing the Kanji character of EI (eternal). ...
11 de Dezembro de 2009
Hi why not look at this site to help you? Japanese calligraphy.
11 de Dezembro de 2009
I recommend using kanji/kana tracing sheets. You can make your own and print them at . It will help you write the handwritten version, and get the proportions correct! Good luck!
17 de Outubro de 2016
Here are some tips to improve handwriting: -Grab your pen in a right way. -Get a proper model that you can mimic. -Use notebook with ruled lines. -Follow the designated stroke order. -Make vertical line vertical, horizontal line horizontal. -Pay attention to the balance of each parts. -Take time to write one character. No rush. -Both hiragana and katakana are made from Kanji. So it may help you if you know the original Kanji of them. Actually, there are many native Japanese speakers who write terrible handwriting. So it's very impressive that you, as a foreigner, want to write a nice handwriting in Japanese :)
13 de Dezembro de 2009
Practice on Display Practice with Paper and Pen.
12 de Dezembro de 2009
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