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How do you think "boomerang generation" One in five of ‘boomerang generation’ graduates now living at home.There are more yung people 25-30 back home live with their parents.Mostly are lost their job or paid less salary.And some of them havent find a job.
Dec 11, 2009 3:46 AM
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Hi Aaron, rising property prices, mounting student debts and the effects of recession on the job market have forced a wave of young people in their 20's in Australia and overseas to move back into the family home at an age when they would normally be moving out. I also think that this generation in Australia also wants to have the latest gadgets , white goods and technology without having to save for them, so they move back home. However, if my children lost their jobs or suffered a personal tragedy I would welcome them back home until they got back onto their feet financially /emotionally.You never stop being a parent.
December 11, 2009
hi Aaron, I just wonder if we practice that culture in our country. here, although when the young adult reached the right age of independency, he/she tends to live in their home along with his/her relatives. Same as true as for the parents, they prefer not to let their youngsters live on their own until they got married. :)
December 11, 2009
i think that boomerang Generation is one of several terms applied to the current generation of young adults in Western culture. They are so named for the frequency with which they choose to cohabitate with their parents after a brief period of living alone - thus boomeranging back to their place of origin. This cohabitation can take many forms, ranging from situations that mirror the high dependency of pre-adulthood to highly independent, separate-household arrangements. The term can be used to indicate only those members of this age-set that actually do return home, not the whole generation. In as much as home-leaving practices differ by economic class, the term is most meaningfully applied to members of the middle class. cowboy...
December 11, 2009
Hello I suppose you want to say "What do you think of the "boomerang generation" ?"
December 11, 2009
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